Squash Lager: 8.0% | IBU: 24 | SRM: 14  

The thing about brewing with gourds and squashes is although they are a sugar source they act more on the body and bitterness than the sweetness. Much like on the table, you can run over them with spices and ignore what they bring or you can build flavors around their unique profile when brewing. Squashenator looks to gently dress acorn squash’s simple dull bitterness with a Doppelbock’s fruity treacle aromatics–nothing too heavy or brash–a fall beer with the simplicity of a tasty side dish on a harvest-laden table. Acorn squash roasted with a drizzle of blackstrap molasses and a shake of chili flake, added to the mash of a seasonally appropriate Bock. Drink Squashenator because no matter what fast food culture says autumn doesn’t really taste like a bathroom candle.