Dalton’s Kriek

Wild Stout with Cherries: 10.6% | IBU: Sour | SRM: 42  

Ah the games you’ll play when your friends ring up and say, “It’ll be fun if we…”. Our character in the Swayze Dayze hijinks is 18 pounds of Italian Amarena cherries and their syrup added to a pinot barrel from Aubert Wines in Calistoga filled with stout sitting in our cellar getting funky. After a year and a half of dormancy, the pediococcus, lactobacillus, and brettanomyces woke up and devoured the cherry sugars in a matter of dayze/weeks. All that and a couple more months made our contribution to the Dalton’s Kriek/Swayze Dayze shenanigans. Drink Dalton’s Kriek because Swayze Dayze.