99 Additions

IPA: 9.9% | IBU: 99 | SRM: 9  

99 Additions is our tribute to Sam Calagione and Dogfish Head. Fundamental to what Carton does is timing hop-additions to push aspects of the hop’s potential, like herbs in cooking- an approach introduced to us by the “salting method” of the various Dogfish Head Minute beers. With 99 Additions we apply our style and technique to Sam’s method. We took an all-barley mash boiled for 99 minutes, with hop additions each minute throughout totaling 9.9kg. The resulting wort is then finished off with 9.9kg of hops added in the cool pool. After amassing 99 barrels of beer in our fermenters, our hop-rocket delivered the final addition of a 99kg dry hop; 33kg of T90 pellets, 33kg of whole-cone and 33kg of lupulin powder. Drink 99 Additions cause a double ain’t one.