Tastiness is seldom born of divine inspiration; it's more about planning, brewing, talking, and tasting (not always in that order and sometimes we happily repeat certain steps). For us this all happens around the "Tippy," our 20 gallon pilot system handcrafted by MoreBeer in California. Currently, its pots are busy with:

Batch# 137 4/27/2014: Wedding Beer- School of Love

Batch# 136 4/13/2014: Sap Beer

Batch# 135 4/6/2014: Pale Ale with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and salt

Batch# 134 4/2/2014: Savor Saison 2 with Saffron & Chili

Batch# 133 4/2/2014: Savor Saison 1 with Green peppercorns & Honeysuckle

Batch# 132 3/30/2014: Hop Pun with less salts, added Nelson Sauvin to WP, Irish Yeast

Batch# 131 3/16/2014: Pale Ale with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and salt

Batch# 130 3/9/2014: Box Carton

Batch# 129 3/2/2014: Hop Pun: Hoppy American pale ale

Batch# 128 2/23/14: School of Yeast: Ringwood

Batch #127 2/16/14: School of Dot Dot Dot. Base beer for our "School Of...." series. 

Batch #126 2/10/14: Don't Panic!

Batch #125 2/9/14: School of Hops: 06300

Batch #124 2/2/14: Don't Panic!

Batch #123 1/26/14: Pale ale with lemon, cucumber, salt, 24 hour lactic rest, Summit hops

Batch #122 1/19/13: Brown ale with butternut squash roasted in butter

Batch #121 1/12/14: School of Hops: HBC 342

Batch #120 1/5/14: Pale Ale with lemon and cucumber, more salt

Batch #119 12/15/13: School of Malts: Special W with Weyerman Special W, their version of Special B malts

Batch #118 12/8/13: Maibock with Bavarian lager yeast and dry hopped with Saaz

Batch #117 11/24/13: Black, black pepper Saison 

Batch #116 11/17/13: Overhopped session porter

Batch #115 11/10/13: Pale Ale with Warrior & Sorachi Ace hops, cucumbers and salt

Batch #114 11/7/13: Staff sour

Batch #113 11/3/13: Imperial Cream Ale with lactose and coffee, added Aramis hops and new final cold press coffee blend

Batch #112 10/25/13: Black, black pepper Saison with Aramis hops and French Saison yeast

Batch #111 10/20/13: Mai bock v 0.2 with Magnum, Smaragd, Perle and Opal hops

Batch #110 9/28/13: Don't Panic!

Batch #109  9/22/13: Barley wine again, this time with first wort hops and mash hops

Batch #108 9/14/13: Imperial Cream Ale with lactose and coffee, less lactose, more dextrose

Batch #107 9/13/13: School of Hops: Wet Nugget

Batch #106 9/8/13: Barley wine again, split batch to reach target OG with all malt

Batch #105 9/6/13: Oat smoked porter with cherries and dank hops

Batch #104 8/25/13: School of Hops: Zeus

Batch #103 8/18/13: Barley wine again, using Scottish ale and Irish ale yeast, more bullion

Batch #102 8/11/13: Imperial cream ale with lactose in the boil and coffee added post-fermentation

Batch # 101 8/9/13: #tresbrooklyn

Batch #100 7/26/13: Don't Panic! A classic English ESB malt bill with late additions of a new experimantal hop (#6300), late additions of bergamot & we added bitter orange

Batch #98 7/21/13: Imperial pilsner with maize and rice adjuncts, and all American grown noble varietals

Batch #97 7/14/13: Swisher v0.2, with more cherries, more smoked malt and more hops

Batch #96 7/7/13: Sour ale with lime and cherries again, this time with more cherry

Batch #95 7/7/13: Hoppy paleo beer made with sorghum

Batch #94 6/30/13: Jersey Strong, our take on a barley wine

Batch #93 6/22/13: Box Carton, session porter

Batch #92 6/16/13: High gravity golden ale with coffee added post fermentation

Batch #91 6/9/13: School of Oat Malt, School of Dot Dot Dot with Thomas Faucet Oat Malt in place of Munich Type I

Batch # 89 6/8/13: School of Dot Dot Dot, the base beer for our School of series

Batch # 88 6/2/13: Purity. Body. Flavor.  Colab brew for the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild battleship fest.  Our take on the classic Ballantine IPA.

Batch # 87 5/19/13: School of Dot Dot Dot, the base beer for our School of series

Batch # 86 5/12/13: School of Saison, School of Dot Dot Dot with Saison yeast

Batch # 85 5/5/2013: Classic English ESB again, in this version we reduced the bergamot 

Batch # 84 4/30/2013: Collaboration with Barrier Brewing of NY, more details soon

Batch # 83 4/27/2013: Sour ale with lime and cherries

Batch # 82 4/21/2013: School Of Mosaic, School Dot Dot Dot with Mosaic hops

Batch # 81 4/14/2013: Gose again, we upped the salt a fraction.

Batch # 80 4/9/2013: Green Apple Sour again, moore wasabi additions to dial in the aroma aspects of the fresh roots without going hot. 

Batch # 79 4/7/2013: Oak Smoked Black Lager again, in this version  we added debittered black malt to malt bill and notched up the smoked wheat. 

Batch # 78 3/30/2013: Classic English ESB malt bill with late additions of a new experimental hop (SS Steiner #6300) and bergamot, a riff on Earl Grey tea.  

Batch # 77 3/23/2013: Green Apple Sour again, in this version added wasabi mid-way through the fermentation, with another addition at end of fermentation.

Batch # 76 3/17/2013: Red Cream again, in this version we reduced the bittering hops, and upped the mid boil additions, and added  Mosaic to the hop bill.

Batch # 74 3/3/2013: Gose again, salt, lemongrass and fresh clams added to the end of the boil.

Batch # 73 2/23/2013: Green Apple Sour again, shortened lactic rest, higher starting gravity dry hopped with wasabi root.

Batch # 72 2/15/2013: Red Cream ale again, Identical to version 3

Batch # 71 2/10/2013: Rumson Cream again, Identical to version 3

Batch # 70 2/8/2013: Red Cream ale again, in this version we doubled the amount of Carared.

Batch # 69 2/3/2013: RIPA again, in this version we added whole leaf apollo to the hop bill.

Batch # 68 1/31/2013: Red Cream ale again with reduced color malts and american ale yeast strain.

Batch # 67 1/27/2013: Green Apple Sour, lactic rested pilsner and wheat brew with apple puree in the fermentation.

Batch # 66 1/20/2013: Red Cream ale with with Carared hopped with Zeus, Cascade and Chinook. with Irish yeast

Batch # 65 1/13/2013: Oak Smoked Black Lager with Noble hops.

Tippy Brew 1/6/13 SWISHER: here we are playing with oak smoked wheat from Wyermans heirloom malts series. Tossing the smoke into a roasty porter bill we’ve used some dank sticky hops in the aromatic additions and fermented on Italian maraschino cherries. Have we twisted up something sweets or something ludicrous? A couple weeks will tell.

Tippy Brew 12/22/12: The Great Wit Whale: Sitting at Moby’s, dipping sweet bits of crustacean into warm lemony butter, it occurred to us that it would be fun to see what would happen if we took a wit beer and fermented it cold to keep the yeast phenolics low, and then smacked it in the side of the head with the pungent lemony aromatics of Sorachi Ace. Will we end up with a counter part to the Bayside flavors? We’ll see in a couple of weeks.

Tippy Brew 12/16/12: Perle: It’s time again to explore the hop dance space. Looking for the right platform for the minty aromatics of Perle hops, we turned to a straightforward dry, crisp Mai Bock. Will ramping up the hops on a clean simple Helles take us to a sprightly, minty, springy place? It’s bubbling away.

Tippy Brew 12/2/12: INTERMEZZO: today we brewed the same pilsner malt/wheat base of Monkey Chased the Weasel and put it down for its lactic rest. This time, looking for a zippy palate refresher, we added some green apple puree to the fermentation and will “dry hop” with pureed wasabi root. Will the apple bring the beer’s inherent tartness up to a point where the sweet heat of real wasabi and the aromas of blonde barley kernels are refreshing enough to create a segue from flavor to flavor? A couple weeks and we will know.

Tippy Brew 10/28/12: SOUR MILK?: what happens to Carton Of Milk if we give it the same lactic rest we use on Monkey Chased the Weasel? We aren’t sure either, that’s why we have the tippy. Look for it on the orange knuckle in a couple weeks.

Tippy Brew 10/7/12: SCHOOL OF DOT DOT DOT- School Of Base: is a program in which we experiment with ingredients. It’s a constant base with one ingredient changed so we can analyze variation. The base recipe is a malt bill of 80% English Pale and 20% Munich for a final ABV of 6%. When the experimental ingredient is malt the Munich will be replaced and the grain bill adjusted to maintain a final 6% gravity and an 80:20 ratio. The base hop is Cascade added at 60, 30, & 10 minutes, as well as whirlpool and dry hop for an IBU of 50. When the experimental ingredient is a hop the amounts will be adjusted to achieve 50 IBU while percentage of disbursement will remain. The base yeast will be Chico except when it’s not. Today we brewed the base recipe. In a couple weeks it will be in the tasting room and we will experience the wall that we will henceforth throw things against to see what sticks.

Tippy Brew 8/14/12: SUMAC PORTER: Getting to choose from Restaurant Nicholas’s larder to play with is pretty marvelous. Looking to create a distinctive accompaniment to the dessert course at our dinner on September 19th, we chose fresh sumac foraged in Northern Jersey and Wildflower Honey from Bob’s Busy Bees in Yardville and invited Chef de Cuisine Nicholas Wilkins in for a day on the tippy.  We added his ingredients to the whirlpool of our Foundation Porter looking for a decidedly Carton dessert flavor.  Will the tart lemon-cranberry dynamic of the sumac and herby floral sweetness of the honey run alongside the firm structure of Foundation and give “New Jersey’s number one restaurant for food and service (Zagat)” something deserving to create with? Get a seat for the 19th and find out.

Tippy Brew 8/8/12: GORP:  August is when its time to think about beers for autumn.  Musing about trail hikes when the weather cools put us in mind of GORP, so today we made it into beer. A porter malt bill with peanut butter and chocolate added to the boil, then fermented on black raisins with Belgian and Chico yeasts. Good Old Raisins and Porter? It’s bubbling away, a couple of weeks will tell. 

Tippy Brew 7/28/12: PANZANELLA: The next facet of Jersey flavor we were compelled to play with, in the Tippy this summer, is a never-chilled-ground-ripened tomato. A classic late summer salad interpreted in a beer with a malt bill of two row pilsner and biscuit playing the roll of croutons and a touch of acidulated to suggest vinegar. We added salt to the wort, and went with a hop bill of Summit and Sorachi looking for those scallion/garlic-bright lemon notes. We finished it all with roasted tomatoes and fresh cucumbers. August in a glass or over-stepped bounds? A couple weeks will tell.

Tippy Brew 6/17/12: SS ’12 (GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT SERIES): We know not all boating is done on the Atlantic and its rivers and bays. There is a whole world of vessels better suited to the big ocean on the other side of the world. With that in mind, we grew our Boat. This time we doubled the Pilsner based malt bill and fleshed it out with a healthy skosh of wheat, augmenting the hop bill with Pacific Jade and Zythos and giving both chico and kolsch yeasts the chance to have their way with it. How will our East Coast day runner fare decked for a long haul towards points west? Lets chill and find out.

Tippy Brew 6/09/12: #tresbrooklyn: nothing is funnier than when the New York Times creates language (remember Meghan Jasper’s Grunge Speak?). When we read in an article that: "Among young Parisians there is currently no greater praise for cuisine than 'très Brooklyn,' a term that signifies a particularly cool combination of informality, creativity and quality." We immediately Tippy-ed a beer that is as preposterous as that claim: Brooklyn’s lager hops laid all over a classic bière de garde. Will it be a particularly cool combination of informality, creativity and quality? Will it be funny? Will it taste good? Will it even finish before the phrase is forgotten? Times will tell.

Tippy Brew 6/03/12: DIGGER: We often describe the minerality of our water as "linear, bordering on salty," so it was only a matter of time before we had to experiment with pushing the saltiness. Starting with a salting method borrowed from Leipzigers we pushed toward summer, adding some sourness with a lactic rest, and boiling with the most Atlantic Highlands of mineral/salty ingredients: littleneck clamshells. To balance these layers of mineral saltiness with the brightening sour touch, we stirred the whirlpool with some lemongrass. Harmony or over-reaching hodgepodge? Let's let it ferment and find out.

Tippy Brew 5/27/12 JER'S FIRST: We have been very happy to have Jeremy Watts on our team as a brewer this spring and felt it was time to let him Tippy something. Since it was his first time really exploring the dance space, we set him free and let him avoid the parliamentary process usually involved in creating a Carton beer. He went Alt. Classic low gravity sweet malts only touched up with magnum hops as a very late in-process decision after he mentioned how good they smelled when he was bittering multiple times. What hath the new guy wrought? Weeks will tell.

Tippy brew 2/18,25 3/ 4,11,18,25 4/1,8,15,22,29/12 CARTON CHASED THE WEASEL we spent most of the spring working on the sour session of 1/28 dialing its sourness to a be where we wanted it as a proper platform for the mulberry addition.  

Tippy Brew 2/12/10 GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT: ask any sailor, fisherman, or Saudi Prince; once you have a good boat you immediately want a bigger one. Here we continue on our designs of bigger boats, more malt, more hops, and our water, framed on four new yeasts. Can we grow everything and get roomier, smoother, more warm and comfy while retaining enough of the spirit of our fun little sprinter dancing on the tides? Or will it just plow through the waves big and sloppy? Tasting will start the end of March.

Tippy Brew 1/29/12 SOUR SESSION: Complexity is what makes a lower alcohol beer a session beer. A beer needs to evolve to remain interesting throughout a gathering. Properly blended sours are interesting without depending on alcohol to round the palette. Today we walk down the sour path with a Berliner Weiss, 20 gallons of wort split into 4 carboys with 4 different lacto treatments. in a couple weeks we will blend looking for drinkability.

Tippy brew 1/26/12 FOUNDATION PORTER at Sixpoint Brewery: today we are brewing at Sixpoint on their tippy for the upcoming Beer For Beasts event. Our Honey Porter takes its next step toward rum barrels with the addition of honey to the malt bill. Then it it goes to help The Humane Society of New York on march 31st.

Tippy Brew 1/15/12: AGAVE ADJUNCT PILOT 2- It’s a walk off! Of the four yeasts in our first pilot, two made it to this round. The Kölsh was a bit sluttish trying to please everyone on the tasting panel with a breath of hedonistic papaya that made you sneak back for more, while the Cal Lager was stunning in its austerity. Lean with wisps of gunpowder and grass, there was a definite line here that would lead back if you got distracted. Will a chill tame the Kölsh enough to make it presentable in more situations? Will a little warmth make the Cal Lager softer and more universally inviting? Or is Chico the one next-door, under your nose that just knows how to be comfortable every time? Let’s clear the catwalk and give it to the microbes.

Tippy Brew 12/18/11:  39 degrees out there today; Cocoa Honey Porter 152 degrees mashing in here. Balance.

Tippy Brew 11/13/11: RRR 1: Sometimes mac & cheese is the exact right flavor, there is no arguing the pleasures of comfort food. For us comfort beer is a rye pale ale; robust, spicy,  and a great platform for a hop show. Today we decided it was time to play an the greener side of the American hop world so we dusted off our rye pale ale recipe and bounced some CTZ, Chinook, and Simcoe off it. What’s gonna pop up? We’ll know in a couple weeks.

Tippy Brew 11/6/11: CPRGLD do you know what happens if you feed raw agave to California Lager yeast? What about Kolsch? Bohemian? Urquell? Neither do we, but we will.

Tippy Brew 10/22/11 SITTING DUCK: the muse for flavors can come from anywhere, plates of food being obvious. Probably the most inspiring dish I have had in the last 10 years is Daniel Humme's roast duck at Eleven Madison Park (part of the story is on www.augieland.blogs.com). Here we are trying to evoke a fall version that was finished with figs. A Dark Strong Belgian Ale base that should inherently be roasty and figgy seasoned with a spice rub and dry finished with lavender flowers. This one’s BIG and will take a while, notes in 8 weeks or so.

Tippy Brew: 10/9/11: HOPPY IS THE NEW BLACK: a lot of pretty standard beers are coming out in black this season; always a little hoppier than the form. What if we made a Kolsch-type ale black, and used this as an excuse to hop the heck out of it with some classic nobles? In a couple weeks it will be tasted.

Tippy Brew Yesterday: 10/3/11: CARTON OF MILK stout. We could have also called this one "duh," I guess. Being Carton a milk stout seemed inevitable, but how to make this one tasty? We took a super toasty malt bill bordering on acrid, and smashed it against sweet lactose in order to find play in the contradiction. We buried Bullion hops in the boil, expecting their currant aromas to whisp through the blackness, and laid this on some traditional and non-traditional yeasts to test harmony. Will it do a body good? 4 weeks will tell.

Tippy Brew Today: 9/11/11: PUMPKIN CREAM ALE: There are pumpkin based flavors that aren’t pumpkin pie. With this in mind we set out to make an autumnal beer in the pumpkin tradition that wasn’t simply a spiced beer using obvious spices. We added slow roasted pumpkin meat touched with orange oil, pink peppercorns, and ginger to our cream ale recipe. Will the flavors of a modern creamed pumpkin soup be a more exciting accent to beer than the flavors Libby calls “famous pumpkin pie filling?” It will definitely be different. In 4 weeks we will figure out if it is also tasty.

Tippy Brew Today: 9/3/11 B.D.G. (Brunch. Dinner. Grub. (the Black De Garde riff)) The primary version of this country ale finished well. The Aramis hops did exactly what we had hoped and added a lemon, tarragon, thyme spritz to a roasty malt-driven ale. In order to take it where we want it, perfect to very good with about 80% of cuisine, we made some minor changes. We changed about 20% of the malt bill favoring the bread-crust malts over the caramel malts and darkened it up in color. We nudged it from its Bier de Garde roots toward a classic English brown, hoping it lands squarely next to a plate of almost anything from grilled salmon to cassoulet. 4 weeks from now we will put it next to whatever we are eating and see how it went. 

8/17/11 Carton Custom I : MARK'S CASCADE: coming up with flavors for this bespoke beer was easy; we spend a lot of time tasting and drinking with Mark at his Twin Lights Tap House and we know where our tastes cross. The concern was how best to incorporate a couple pounds of first growth Cascade hops Mark had harvested. We decided a simple American pale spiced up a little with some rye was an interesting enough base that wouldn't run over the delicate fresh green of these freshman cones. In order to wring as much aroma as possible from them they were added right at knock out. We then let the temperature drift down to avoid any vegetal notes these vibrant green leaves may have had. It is in the fermenter now.

7/30/11: Come Out To Play: Our Common recipe is the base for this one. In this case we went very dark with the malt and decided to let Warrior hops have their way with it. Will whisps of dark toast coax the beautiful mint out of this monster of the bittering hop world? It is lagering and we are being patient... try to be the same.

7/27/11: B.D.G. (Brunch Dinner Grub): a country ale planned around a French hop called Aramis that evokes fennel, thyme, and verbena, with a malt bill pointing towards the aromas of crusty bread. Ideally it will make you love your meal a little more than you would have without it. Divided into four 5-gallon batches and pitched on different yeasts, one of which is a sour Bret, the tasting panel will convene in four long weeks.

Boat Beer

Session Ale
ABV: 4.2% | IBU: 35 | SRM: 3.5

Boat Beer is designed to be complex enough to merit drinking a few without being crippled by alcohol. Kolsch yeast and German malts are combined to be crisp and refreshing, while a generous amount of American hops have been added to keep it remarkable. Expect it to dance out of the glass with a whack of grapefruit and open into a crisp, stony tangle of white and yellow fruit with pine and moss notes. An IPA for everyday drinking, drink boat beer when you are thirsty from softball, fishing, or explaining why your team is best.

Brunch. Dinner. Grub.

Country Ale
ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 45 | SRM: 9

B.D.G. (Brunch. Dinner. Grub.) Country Ale: Matching the right beer to the right food is a wonderful assignment. The contemplation of point and counter-point can often be as much fun as the reward of good pairing. Sadly, in a life well lived there is not always time to contemplate what dinner will be, let alone what beverage will play best with it. Here we have selected malts to evoke the crusty breads that sit well next to every meal and seasoned it with the lemony, tarragon/thyme notes of Aramis hops. A go-to, food friendly ale for the table.  Drink B.D.G because you are what you eat... and drink.


East Coast Double IPA
ABV: 7.8% | IBU: 80 | SRM: 5

Like all things truly Jersey, 077XX makes the most in balancing through its accentuation of extremes. Inspired by the west coast IPAs we love, we added a thump of hops to a dynamic malt profile and chose a yeast to drive these two further than they wanted to go. Throw our water into this mix and you will find dank green resinous hops popping over orange, mango and papaya aromas, with just enough sweetness of body to make the long finish a pleasure to have around. A double IPA perfect for adding fuel to the fire of a dinner, a game, or an idea, drink it when your night matters. (Available only in NJ)

Red Rye Returning

Rye Ale
ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 50 | SRM: 12

There is no doubt variety is the spice of life and we love going off in all kinds of directions looking for new flavors. Like all travel though at some point your heart turns back toward home. Home, robust American ales. This route travels along a path of piney American hops, Simcoe, Cluster, and Horizon their natural course coaxed toward spicy by a touch of rye. Drink Red Rye Returning because home is where the hops is. 

Launch Golden Ale

ABV 4.6% | IBU:30 | SRM: 3.0

Jersey locals know that the best time of summer is actually the end of August into September. When the the bennys are leaving their beach houses, the water is warm, the surf is coming up, the corn is sweet and the tomatoes are ripe.  Summer 2011 was about two more things for us, the commissioning of our brew house and a worldwide shortage of hops. Launch was born of months of exploratory hop teas, our favorites of which are here layered over a retrained malt bill, evoking those fresh-chopped herbs you add to a tomato salad  to go with a grilled burger for no particular reason. Drink Launch because late summer evenings by the beach are cool.

Monkey Chased The Weasel

Sour Ale
ABV: 3.9% | IBU: Sour | SRM: Ojo de Gallo

The backyard of our brewery has a mulberry tree that drops its fruit in the first days of summer. We moved into our building during early summer 2011, tracking a bright purple path through our new home with every laden step. It was then we decided: if mulberry was going to get that deep into the brewery, it probably should get into a beer as well. Stealing a process from Berliners, we let the lactics in a wheated mash sour up to a green apple/lemon level, accentuating the bright side of the mulberry profile.  Meant for quaffing when there is no reason to avoid direct sunlight on balmy summer days, drink Monkey Chased The Weasel because there is more sun than moon at the top of summer.

Carton Canyon

American Adjunct Lager
ABV: 6.4% | IBU: 35| SRM: 3

Southwest style - not the perfect authentic taco, rather existing dishes enhanced and tailored through the use of Southwestern flavors. Adjunction to augment and layer flavors rather than to flatten is the goal. Blue Agave nectar is added to a two-row pilsner malt bill and fermented with Cal Lager yeast, establishing a core palate of flint and gunpowder with edges lightly dressed with papaya and lime leaf notes. That combination then balanced through additions of Noble hops creating a lager counterpoint for a well crafted Southwestern meal. Drink Carton Canyon because there is no art in a beer that stays out of the way of your food.

Pumpkin Cream Ale

Cream Ale
ABV: 9% | IBU: 28 | SRM: 5

There are pumpkin based flavors that are not pumpkin pie. With this in mind we set out to make an autumnal beer in the pumpkin tradition that wasn’t simply a spiced beer using the usual pie-spice blend. Looking to enhance the pumpkin’s flavors, we roasted its meat touched with orange oil, pink peppercorns and candied ginger.  We added this to the mash of our high gravity cream ale recipe. The result is a rich bodied ale, its creaminess teased by the peppercorns’ heat, that presents the flavors of pumpkin while notes of orange zest and a sweet ginger bite tame the vegetal dryness.  Drink Pumpkin Cream Ale because there are spices on the shelf behind the nutmeg.

Harvest 2012 Citra

Rye Pale Ale
ABV: 6.2% | IBU: 50| SRM: 4

Each autumn's hop harvest presents an opportunity to assess yearly variation in flavors. Some are broad across all the plants in a region, others are specific to unique clones and certain farms. Each fall we choose two different varities to add to our Harvest Ale. The first we receive straight off the bines and add it wet in the whirlpool. The second we add whole cone as a dry hop. Our base is a simple pale with a touch of rye spiciness to be seasonally appropriate with enough heft to support the selected hops while otherwise existing to flaunt the year's crop's nuances. Harvest 2012 was wet hopped with Citra from B.T. Loftus Ranches, Inc. and dry hopped with Amarillo from Virgil Gamache Farms. Drink it because it is a fresh taste of things to come.


Imperial Black Ale
ABV: 10.3% | IBU: 100 | SRM: 42

We don't have many rules at Carton Brewing and those we have we made up for ourselves.  In general though, we strive for drinkability through balance and harmonization of flavors.  But even self-imposed rules are meant to be broken. With Epitome we decided to embrace the teenage metalhead in each of us and get discordant with a seriously hoppy, high gravity, black ale.  The only notions accepted were to make it bigger, bolder, hotter & faster. A Beast.  The ABV had to push past 10, the black had to be "none more," and the hops had to be American and piled on like a double bass drum kicking faster and harder.  Drink Epitome because things worth doing are worth over doing. 


Winter Warmer
ABV: 12% | IBU: 26 | SRM: 9

At his restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, Chef Daniel Humm makes an extraordinary five spice roast duck. The genesis of Decoy is our notion that those spices would affectionate the fig notes of a Belgian Strong malt bill in the direction of a winter warmer. Cumin, coriander, lavender flowers, Sichuan red peppercorns and honey are added to Special B malts and Belgian candi sugars, with American ale yeast chosen because its esters enhance rather than dominate as would a Belgian. A strong, gently-spiced ale, Decoy is intended to sit next to or in place of a fire during the bracing cold of winter. Drink Decoy because life and spice…


Trail Ale
ABV: 8.4% | IBU: 28| SRM: 42

Chris and Augie grew up as neighbors next to the hiking trails of Hartshorne Woods Park. Back then, trail mix was called GORP, standing for Good Old Raisins and Peanuts, which described it perfectly. Familiar and dependable, GORP trail mix was a combination of clean and complimentary flavors appropriate for being out on the trails. With GORP beer, we evoke recollections of fun and flavors of the trails by adding peanuts and chocolate to a robust porter base that is then fermented on black raisins. Drink GORP because it is fun to take the mix off the trail. 


Green Apple Wasabi Sour
ABV: 5.0% | IBU: 8| SRM: 3.5

May is a time for palate cleansing. Stepping past the heavier flavors appealing in the dead of winter, we arrive at the sprightlier flavors of spring and summer. In our attempt to rejuvenate, we interpreted Chef Paul Liebrandt's mid-course of green apple wasabi sorbet as a sour ale. Pureed green apples from France are added to the fermentation in order to define the familiar acidity of a lactic sour, then the beer is "dry-hopped" on fresh wasabi roots. In Intermezzo, sweet and piquant whiffs of real wasabi cleanse the bright tartness of green apple while the nutty finish of the kernel of pale malt is left to eradicate winter's weight. DrinkIntermezzo because it is time to refresh. 

Something Like Sandy

Sour Milk Stout
ABV: 5.5% | SRM: 42 | IBU: Wild

Sandy tore through in October 2012, changing many facets of life in our neighborhood. At our brewery, she knocked out power and controls for eight days. We came back to an experimental stout in the tippy we had intended to sour for two days but which Sandy left wild for 10. A high point of our 2nd year was finishing the beer Sandy made and putting it to some good as Sour Sandy. To commemorate our 2nd year, we re-worked the brewing process to recreate that beer. The resulting wild stout, Something Like Sandy, is our Second Anniversary offering. Drink Something Like Sandy because a sour stout out of catastrophe is our lemonade from lemons.

Shipwreck Porter

Barrel Aged Porter
ABV: 10% | IBU: 26 | SRM: 42

When our friends and neighbors at Brinley Rum shipped us ten oak barrels from their distillery on St. Kitts, we were given the opportunity to create a beer that would take advantage of wood rather than the other way around. The rum that lives in these barrels for four years integrates its spice to the wood so well that it ends up reminiscent of a Bananas Foster. We started with a base of deep malts with notes of coffee and chocolate, then enhanced them with local wildflower honey and the preservative strength of 10% ABV while keeping the body sensible.  Drink Shipwreck Porter because a barrel should be used for so much more than a depth charge. 

Harvest 2013 Mosaic

Rye Pale Ale
ABV: 6.2% | IBU: 50 | SRM: 4

Each autumn's hop harvest presents an opportunity to assess yearly variation in flavors. Each fall we choose two different varieties to add to our Harvest Ale. The first we receive straight off the bines and add it wet in the whirlpool. The second we add whole cone as a dry hop. Our base is a simple pale with a touch of rye spiciness to be seasonally appropriate with enough heft to support the selected hops while otherwise existing to flaunt the year's crop's nuances. Harvest 2013 was wet hopped with Mosaic from B.T. Loftus Ranches, Inc. and dry hopped with Citra also from B.T. Loftus Ranches. Drink Harvest because it is a fresh taste of things to come. 

Regular Coffee

Imperial Cream Ale
ABV: 12% | IBU: 20 | SRM: 5

A Classic Jersey-ism is "regular coffee." Here when you order a "regularcoffee" at any place you trust to make a pork roll and cheese you get a paper cup of coffee with "milk and 2 sugars" rather than a "black coffee that hasn't had the caffeine removed." For our homage to Jersey's breakfast beverage, we teamed up with our neighbors at Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters looking for an elevated version of classic plain coffee.We added this coffee blend to a high gravity golden cream ale, contributing our "milk and 2 sugars." Drink Regular Coffee because running over a black beer with coffee is no way to get to work.  

Carton Of Milk

Session Milk Stout
ABV: 4.0% | IBU: 35 | SRM: 42

The key to a sessionable beer is the way it evolves over time well spent. Here we took an extremely dark malt bill and smashed it against the sweetness of milk, then we wafted black currant notes of Bullion hops through the middle. Nuanced to keep it an interesting part of a gathering while neither dominating nor being inconsequential to banter. Drink Carton Of Milk because it does a session good.


Blunt Ale
ABV: 6% | IBU: 42| SRM: 42

Smoked malt is one of the more dubious tools in a brewer's bag because thresholds are vastly different. What to one palate is a hint of bacon or a whiff of BBQ to another is ashtray or Band-Aids. In Swisher we have reassembled the deconstructed aspects of Swisher Wrap. Rich dark malts brought smoky by the addition of oak smoked pale wheat, touched with sour cherries and a heavy plug of the hops that smell like their cousins. Drink Swisher and hand me down a 50-pack.


ABV: 4.2% | SRM: 42 | IBU: 42

Black Pepper Saison. Black, Pepper Saison. Black Pepper, Saison. Black, Pepper, Saison.


Cherry Lime Sour
ABV: 7.0% | SRM: 8 | IBU: SOUR

This trip starts as many do on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the tippy, discussing grill cleaning, spring, cherry blossoms and the flavors that coincide with the transition from spring rain to summer sun. Talk makes its way around the circle to Jeremy who offers, "Cherry and lime kind of kick ass together." The evolution from that declaration to Rickey was a short one. Sourness from wild fermentation pulls taught against the heady juiciness of the fruit, with a light finishing touch of juniper berries stitching it together. Drink Rickey because blossoms turn to fruit.

Don't Panic

Cask ESB
ABV: 5% | SRM: 15 | IBU: 20

It's born of us being presented an experimental hop (#06300) by Hopsteiner that among other things smelled like a cup of earl grey so we went home and built an ESB around it and touched it with bergamot to add to that tea notion. We only do it in casks because that just seems right.


Salted Fruit/Vegetable Ale
ABV: 3.8% | IBU: 15 | SRM: 9

You only have to see so many pumpkin beers showing up on shelves in mid-summer before you do a seasonal reality check. Being from the Garden State we are fully aware the flavors of midsummer are. With Panzanella we play that game. A salted ale built around malts chosen to play croutons, Summit hops chosen for their garlic/onion pungency, dry hopped with tomatoes and cucumbers evoking that classic midsummer salad. Drink Panzanella at a picnic table and save the gourds for the harvest.

SS 2014: Yirgacheffe

Imperial Coffee IPA
ABV: 8.2% | IBU: 60 | SRM: 9

While playing coffee games last winter, even though they didn’t work for that project, we found ourselves attracted to the bitter lemony notes of cold brewed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from our partners at Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters. While playing our usual hoppy games recently we were similarly inspired by the lemony bitterness of the new "Lemon Drop" hop from our friends at Hopsteiner. With "SS 2014 Yirgacheffe" we bridge our “Need A Bigger Boat” recipe from 2012 to these flavors with the helping hand of the lemon notes of Sorachi Ace hops. Drink SS 2014 Yirgacheffe (Need A Bigger Boat) because we only turn 3 once. 

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